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  • What is piles
    Hemorrhoid is anasomosis between superior rectal artery and sup, middle and inferior rectal veins that surrounds the distal rectum and anal canal .it is diatla displacement and venous distension of hemorroidal cushions , due to weaking of anal cushions
  • How big is the problem of piles
    Hemorrhoids are a common anorectal condition. They affect millions of people around the world and represent a major medical and socioeconomic problem. Almost 50% of adults , mostly males suffer from this probelm sometime in life . Piles hinders patient’s abilitiy to live normally and work efficiently even after managment due to its frequent recurrence, incomplete elimamtion of discomfort and postopertaive pain Piles patients suffer in silence or seek opinion from friends and close family memebrs and often get treated by so called piles experts , leading to recurrence and pain Piles upto grade 3 can be treated without surgery , with laser procedure for piles .
  • What causes piles
    Constipation Obesity Occasional diarrhea Pregnancy Old age Also impacted by food and hygiene It is becoming rampant due to change in lifestyle and fast food culture which is very low in nutrients and fibre and high in calories and fat
  • Am I prone to piles?
    YES...All of us are ..because of following reasons changes in diet including more outside food sedentary lifestyle prolonged hours of sitting less outside activities . Lack of exercise Changes in diet along with over reliance on software for everything has made piles rampant problem
  • What are symptoms of PILES
    Asymptomatic Bleeding Per Rectum Perianal Discomfort Irritation Perianal Pain
  • Is Piles Dangerous
    Piles can cause significant blood loss leading to anemia and weakness and requiring blood transfusions if ignored. Piles can cuase blood clots and can get infected and ulcerated if not treated at early stage, leading to perianal sepsis Patients with diabetes and heart related problems can face serious consequences due to lodd loss and infection Sometimes we ignore serious diagnosis including cancer of rectum and anal canal , if not taken proper medical advise
  • Non surgical treatment /methods to treat or prevent piles
    Eat high fibre diet Increase your fluid intake Exercise regularly Avoid fast food Avoid prolonge straining Don’t take your mobile or novel to toilet, READING IS FOR READING ROOMS CONSULT THE EXPERT SURGEON FOR PILES , NOT JUST ANYONE
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