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Do my hernia always require surgery or it can be treated by medications?

As an expert Hernia Surgeon, I advise to get the hernia surgery done before it gets worse, because it will never get cured by medications or belts. It is a physical defect in your abdominal wall, which needs to be closed by surgery and application of mesh.

What is Laser surgery for Piles?

Piles treatment involves multiple options, depending on availability of expertise and instrumentation and stage of piles problem. Actually laser surgery is a term often used by patients and doctors for a procedure known as “Stapled hemorrhoidopexy or stapler Hemorroidectomy “ in which a no laser is used ,but a stapler is used to treat piles. It is one of the options for treatment of piles which is commonly projected as “painless treatment of Piles” ,though the pain is definitely less as compared to open surgery for piles, patients do feel discomforts of varying degrees after the “ LASER SURGERY FOR PILES”

Is there a cure for Gall Bladder stone without Surgery?

In most cases treatment of gall bladder stones by (surgical removal of gall bladder-Cholecystectomy ) is necessary, if you have symptomatic gall bladder stones, to avoid complications like empyema gall bladder, jaundice, pancreatitis , sepsis and recurrence .though you will find lots of articles on internet about alternative remedies for gall stones treatment without surgery ,with tall claims about effectiveness, none of them are proven scientifically and can sometimes leads to serious complications.

At the same time if you have asymptomatic stones and you don’t have any medical history, you can take a” Wait & See” approach in consultation with your doctor.

Will gall bladder removal (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy) affects my digestion?

You don't usually have to stop eating particular foods after having your gallbladder removed. Though occasionally few patients may get temporary frequency of motions. This mostly settles down within few weeks. Removal of your gall bladder doesn’t put you at any increased risk of vitamin and protein deficiency and you can eat your normal food post-surgery.