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Robotic Surgery

Dr. Shalin Dubey

Senior Consultant: Department of Laparoscopic, Robotics & Gastrointestinal Surgery at Apollo Hospital.

Robotic Surgery aka Da Vinci® Surgery: How Does It Work? 

Robotic arms are installed on patient at pre-determined sites through tiny holes.

  • The chief surgeon than sits on the main console with full control of the movement of operating arms; thus, in full control over the operative steps independent of his assistants.

  • HD 3D vision & 10 X zoom provides immersive view. The intuitive motion of Robotics software allows the surgeon to perform even Complex procedures with much ease after extensive training.

Robotic Surgery Makes life Easier: 

Not only for Surgeons, because it is easy to operate  with the  help of robotic tech due to HD 3D vision, intuitive movement ,more precision and ease of complete control…But also for patients  ,due to less blood loss and quick recovery…My last patient of robotic hernia ,drove his car back home ,the very next day ,He neither had any other option nor any need to get somebody to drop him back home.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery for Hernia


Robotic surgery improves upon the capabilities of laparoscopic surgery.

  1. Thus helping in complex and recurrent hernia repairs

  2. Due to improved dexterity & precision of Robotic Tech. surgeons can easily use sutures to repair the Hernia inside the abdomen

  3. Minor scar, less pain, fewer medication to deal with pain helps patients in quicker recovery. They may be discharged same day

So People ,it is the new normal in minimal access Surgery during Covid times. It is SAFE  for patient and operating team. QUICK ,so you spend less time in hospital and COSMETIC ,so no need for open surgery , even during this Corona scare.

Is Robotic Surgery, the Surgical Answer for and Post Corona Era??


Sitting at home and counting numbers ,we all are confused ,where it is going to take us. Is there light at the end of tunnel or we have to really learn to live with Corona.

Wondering …what will happen if I develop ,Acute Gall Bladder stone related infection or other common surgical problems. My ever willing Surgeon “to operate” is now ,scared of performing Laparoscopic surgery.

Now, what is ROBOTIC SURGERY?? Is robotic surgery  the Best option for key hole surgery during Corona Pandemic.

Robotic Procedures

Gall Bladder Surgery (Cholecystectomy)

Hernia Surgery

Appendix Surgery

Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy for Piles & various others Minimal Invasive Procedures.

Gastrointestinal Surgery Includes

Colorectal Surgery

Endocrine Surgery

Surgery for Breast Cancers & Tumor

Thyroid Surgery

Areas of Expertise
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